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ABC Auto Upholstery   Specializing in Ford interiors 1955-1962. Upholstery kits, carpet,

Anderson Restorations             Complete front end suspension rebuild kits.

Aries Muffler              Manufactures and sells muffler systems for Model A Fords. Made
                              exactly to the original Ford specifications and drawings for correct
                              sound and performance. 650.279.6609

Arizona Model A            New and used parts. Restoration services. 480.782.0266

Auto Body Specialties       Vintage Ford body panels. Repair panels, quarter panel, floor pan,
                                    trunk pan.

Auto Krafters Classic Ford Parts   Weatherstrip, sheet metal, carpeting, and hundreds of
                                             other parts and accessories.

Berg's Radiator              Manufacturing radiators for Model T and Model A Fords.

Bob's Antique Auto Parts    Model T parts. Exhaust, body panels, doors, bumpers, electrical.

Brads Babbitt & Machine             Rod and main bearing babbitting, thread and crack repair,
                                             flywheel resurfacing, complete engine building.

Bratton's Antique Auto Parts     Model A Ford Restoration Parts. Fenders, electrical, bumpers,
                                           axles, brakes, body panels, engine parts.

Burton Antique Auto Parts           New old stock and reproduction Ford exterior trim, moldings
                                             stainless trim and chrome trim.

C & G Early Ford Parts   Classic and antique Ford parts 1932 thru 1979. Engine parts,
                                 emblems, body panels, electrical, body trim.

Carl's Ford Parts             Engines, intakes, carburetors, linkages, engine blocks.

Carolina Machine Engines      Remanufactured Ford engines, street performance engines and
                                       cylinder heads.

Chaffin's Garage            Ford Model T parts. Interior trim, brakes, camshafts, carburetors,
                                 driveshaft, floor boards, head lights, ignition distributor, fenders,

Classic 2 Current             Reproduction floor pans, rocker panels, quarter panels, trunk

Classic Body Works          1949-1951 Shoebox Ford parts. Rust repair patch panels, fender
                                   corners, lower cowl panels, lower door posts.

Classic NOS Parts          New old stock parts 1920's-1980's. Body parts, lenses, chrome trim
                                 emblems, engine parts, transmission parts.

Classic Sheet Metal                1963 Ford Galaxie floor pans & trunk pans.

Classtique Upholstery            Ford Model A, Model T, roadster and other antique auto
                                        restoration upholstery kits and fabrics.

Coker Tire                   Model A Tires and wheels. Primed or powder coated.

Collectors Choice Auto Parts         New and used Edsel parts. Mechanical, electrical, body
                                              panels, exterior trim. 941.923.4514

Concours Parts and Accessories        Vintage Ford parts 1949-1972. Electrical, suspension,
                                                  carpet, weatherstrip.

Cushman Speedometers           Model A and early V8 Ford speedometer repair and calibration

C.W. Moss Classic Ford Parts      New and New Old Stock. Vintage Ford parts 1928-1972.

Dales Manufacturing Co.            Reproduction Ford parts for Model T, Model A and 1932 to
                                            1972 cars. Brakes, body panels, grills, hood hinges.

David Kee Toploader Transmissions         New & reman Ford 4 speed toploader transmissions.
                                                      4 speed Toploader parts, bellhousings, clutches,

Dearborn Classics       Parts for the Ford Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane and Torino. Suspension,
                              brakes, emblems, door panels, engine parts, body panels, interior.

Dennis Carpenter       Ford Restoration Parts. Interior, engine parts, cooling system,
                              emblems, electrical, body trim.

Dick Spadaro Early Ford          Reproduction, used and new old stock parts for Ford cars

Early Ford              Vintage Ford parts 1928-1966. Brakes, interior trim, bumpers, decals,
                           body panels, electrical, lights, carburetors.

Elephant Trunk Mats              Trunk mats for Torino, Crown Victoria, Edsel, Skyline, Sun
                                         Liner, Mainline, Fairlane, Falcon and Galaxie.

Emblemagic            Emblem restoration and reproduction emblems.

Falcon Enterprises            Ford Falcon parts. Engine parts, electrical, decal kits, carpet,
                                    exhaust, fuel system, brakes, weather strip, bumpers, interior
                                    trim, emblems, floor pans.

First Street Ignitions           Electronic ignition distributor for Ford Model A.

Ford Mercury Association              A Bi Monthly newsletter for the 1949-1953 Ford, Mercury
                                               and Lincoln cars and trucks. Also your one stop shop for
                                               1949-53 convertible top castings. 614.905.2151

Ford Performance Solutions            Crate motors, engine components, cylinder heads.

FR Parts Store           Ford reproduction parts for 1952-1973 cars.

Gaslight Auto Parts    1909-1948 Antique Ford Parts & Accessories. Model T, Model A,
                              early V8.

Glenn Marion Parts        Used and NOS vintage Ford parts. 1932-early 1960's.

Green Sales Company      Obsolete Ford parts. NOS, body panels, brakes, suspension,
                                   exhaust, steering, weatherstrip.

Howells Sheetmetal    Specializing in Fords 1909 to 1940. Body panels, hoods, fenders

Hydro-E-Lectric        America's Convertible Headquarters. Convertible tops, motors, relays,
                             top cylinders, header bows, convertible top latches.

Jeff's Customs              Continental kits 1949-1959. Ford fender skirts, original and steel

Jerry's Classic Cars          1957-1959 new and used parts for Ford convertibles, retractables,
                                    Ranchero and station wagons. Bumpers, doors, exterior trim,
                                    interior trim, engine parts, brakes, glass, electrical.

Joblot Automotive      Ford parts specialists 1928-1948. Brakes, steering, exhaust, cooling,
                              engine parts, electrical.

Joe's Antique Auto Parts    Reproduction parts for early V8 Fords 1932-1948 cars and trucks.

Kanter Auto Products    Ford parts 1932-1974. Engine parts, cooling system, suspension.

KNS Accessories              Fender skirts, emblems, tail lights, door parts.

Lang's Old Car Parts           Model T parts only. Complete bodies, upholstery kits, top kits,
                                     mechanical parts, radiators, sheet metal, top bows, gas tanks.

Lee Chatterton Upholstery          Ford Model A upholstery kits, carpet, headliners.

M & S Hydraulics             Specializing in antique Ford shock absorbers. Model A, Ford cars
                                   1937-1948, early Ford V8. Antique shock absorber parts, shocks
                                   rebuilt and new shock absorbers.

Mac's Antique Auto Parts     Vintage, classic & obsolete Ford parts 1909 - 1970's. Brakes,
                                      cooling, engine parts, interior, bumpers, fuel system, exhaust,
                                      body panels.

Marion's Genuine Ford            Classic and antique Ford parts 1932 thru the early 1960's.
                                         Used and new old stock parts.

Melvins Classic Ford Parts       Model A, Fairlane, Falcon, Mustang. Brakes, radiators, wheels,
                                         interior, steering, sheet metal, weatherstrip, fuel system.

Midwest Early Ford           Ford reproduction parts 1928-1956. Engine parts, lights, emblems,
                                    fenders, wiring. 

Mike's Model A Parts        Engine parts, rebuilt motors, radiators, wiring, mufflers, fenders,
                                   brakes, shocks, interior.

Motor 34         We specialize in 1920's to 1950's Ford parts. Cooling system, hub caps,
                     interior, wheels, lighting.

Model T Haven              New and used parts, new and used Model T bodies, sheet metal.

Nacewicz Enterprises            Virtually every nut, bolt and washer needed to assemble a
                                        Ford Model A.

NOS Ford Ltd.                 Complete line of new old stock restoration parts. Over 39,000
                                   parts in stock.

Nu-Rex Antique Ford Parts          Specializing in Ford Model A 1928-1931. Ignition, starting
                                             and charging systems.

Obsolete Reliable Parts     Restoration parts for Ford cars & trucks from 1948 to 1979.
                                   Brakes, interior trim, body panels, electrical, transmission parts,
                                   engine parts, suspension. 

Old Standard Auto Parts      Specializing in 1928 - 1931 Model A parts.

Original Car Radios            1963-1978 factory original Ford radios, fully reconditioned. Radio

Perogie Enterprises         New old stock and used Ford parts. Engine parts, wiring harness,
                                  exhaust, emblems, steering.

Pro Antique Auto Parts         1923-1964 Vintage Ford parts. Exterior trim, interior, rubber
                                       parts, cooling & heating.

PV Antique & Classic Ford        Model A to Mustang parts. Exterior trim, lighting, floor boards,
                                         wiring, bumpers, fenders, electrical, exhaust.

Rare Car Relics              Early Ford manuals and books. Vintage Ford parts for Model T,
                                 Model A and early Ford V8.

R.E.M. Automotive Parts             Headliners, door panels, glove boxes, package tray, sun

Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts           Vintage Ford parts. Floor boards, hoods, doors, seats,
                                                    engine parts, fuel system, transmissions, electrical,
                                                    interior trim.

Sam's Vintage Ford Parts        New, used & N.O.S. parts. Classic Ford memorabilia. 10 to 15
                                         parts cars. 

Sayre Enterprise           Used and new old stock vintage Ford parts. 

Schwalm's Babbitted Bearings              Model T, A, B & V8 Ford engine rebuilding, lightened
                                                     flywheel, rebabbitting. Exchange engines available.

Scott Wood Works             Model A, Model T wood kits. Top and body wood, seat backs
                                     and bottoms, floorboards. 

Shoebox Central          49-53 Ford & Mercury Parts. Full line of new, used, reproduction &
                                NOS parts. Large inventory of hard to find items. Fast knowledgeable
                                service. Parts cars on site. Nothing to big or small. We ship

Smith and Jones         Antique Auto Parts. Specializing in Model A & Model T parts.

Snyder's Antique Auto Parts        Model A & Model T Ford parts. Engine parts, suspension,
                                             body wood, electrical, hoods, fenders, exhaust, lights,
                                             transmission parts, interior.

Speedway Motors       The Best Selection of Flathead Parts. Camshafts, cranks, flywheel,
                               gasket sets, fuel pumps, ignition.

Superior Car Parts          Manufacturer of replacement parts for Model A and Ford cars 1928
                                  thru 1941. Top irons, fender braces, stanchion posts, wood bows
                                  and headers.

Tam's Model A Parts    Hard to find Model A parts. Quality reproduction parts. Engine parts,
                               cooling system, exhaust, body panels, electrical, wood kits.

Templin's Old Time Auto         New reproduction parts for Model A Ford cars. Model A used
                                        mechanical and sheet metal parts.

The Ford Barn              New, used and new old stock vintage Ford parts. Engine parts, trim,

Thunderbird Connection           Ford Falcon, Fairlane and Thunderbird parts. Body panels,
                                          electrical, emblems, interior parts, chrome trim, suspension,
                                          rubber, steering, exhaust.

Toploader Heaven          Ford toploader transmission rebuild kits. Gears, gaskets, shifter
                                  parts and toploader tools.

Totally T's              Specializing in parts for the Model T Ford. New, used & remanufactured.
                            Car frames, springs, rims, front axel, engine blocks, cylinder heads,
                            coils, ignition distributor, water pump.

Twiss Collector Car Parts            Model A & Model T parts, new and used.

USA Parts Supply       Vintage Ford parts 1949-1972. Interior trim, engine parts, radiators,
                              brakes, body trim, electrical, wiring harness, exhaust, heating & A/C.

Vanpelt Sales              Ford flathead v8 engines and parts. Flathead ignition parts, intakes,
                                cylinder heads. Flathead v8 tools.

Vintage Ford Parts      1932-1948 car, truck and flathead parts source. brakes, steering,
                               emblems, radiators, body panels, wiring, fuel tanks, bumpers.

Vintage Parts House            Antique and vintage Ford parts 1935-1970. Water pumps, fuel
                                      pumps, king pin kits, brake shoes, engine parts.

Wescott's Auto              Thousands of parts for Fords. Bumpers, fuel tanks, radiators, grilles
                                   radiator shells, hinges, fenders, seat parts, specialty hardware,
                                   seat springs. 

Woolcock Antique Auto Parts         New and used vintage Ford parts. New old stock parts.
                                               Window regulators, radios, wheels, fenders, doors, clips,
                                               fasteners, hoods.

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