Classic, vintage and antique Chevrolet
parts and restoration services.
Bel Air, Chevelle, 150, 210, Malibu, El Camino,
Camaro, Impala, Deluxe, Nova, Monte Carlo,
Chevrolet Coupe, Convertible, Station Wagon
Confederate DeLuxe, Imperial Landau, Corvair, Chevy II

A complete resource for your antique, vintage and classic Chevrolet.
Door handle, alternator, fenders, engine parts, brake booster, radiator, steering,
muffler, taillight, carburetors, hood, floor pans, bumper, chrome molding,
emblems, ignition wire set, wiring harness, wiper motor, decals...


American Rebel Mfg.             CNC machined flywheels and bellhousings to fit all Chevy V8

Anderson Restorations           Complete front end suspension rebuild kits.

Ausley's Chevelle Parts              1964-1972 Chevelle parts.

B & B Classic Car Parts           Specializing in NOS and reproduction parts for 1955-1957
                                         Chevrolets. Bel Air, Nomad, 210.

Bay Ridges Classic Chevy        Restoration parts for Chevrolet cars from 1937-1976.
                                         Interior parts, chrome trim, emblems, sheet metal, rubber

Bill Thomsen Chevy               Used Full Size Chevy parts specializing in 1958 to 1973
                                        Impala, Bel-Air and Biscayne cars. Parting out over 75 cars.
                                        Many other 1958 to 1973 parts.

Bob's Antique Auto Parts         Bumpers, lenses, fender skirts, emblems, interior parts,

Bob's Classic Chevy           Chevrolet restoration parts 1949-1957. Body panels, brakes,
                                     electrical, rubber parts, decals, exterior trim, engine parts,
                                     steering, exhaust, suspension.

Chevelles R Us             Restoration parts for Chevelles and El Caminos. Exterior trim,
                                body panels, interior trim, electrical parts, rubber seals, exterior

Chevy 2 Only             Chevy Nova restoration parts. New and used Nova parts. Decals,
                              emblems, interior trim, engine parts, carburetors, bumpers, body
                              panels, electrical, exterior trim.

Chevy Automotive Archeologist         New and used Chevrolet parts. Sheet metal, brakes
                                                  electrical, suspension, radiators, steering, exhaust,
                                                  engine parts, wire harness.

Chevy's of the 40's           1937-1954 Chevrolet restoration parts. Alternators, engine
                                     gaskets, gas tanks, ignition system, generators, fuel pumps,
                                     engine parts, interior, sheet metal.

Ciadella Chevrolet Interiors         Armrests, trunk mats, carpet sets, seat covers.

Clark's Corvair Parts             Corvair parts for 2 doors, 4 doors, convertibles, vans and

Classic Chevrolet Parts          Bel Air, Chevelle, Camaro. Brakes, suspension, steering,
                                        fuel system, upholstery, cooling system, carpet, exterior

Classic Industries                Interior trim, steering, suspension, engine parts, exhaust,
                                       fuel system, transmission parts.

Classic Parts Source            Chevy II Nova, Impala, Chevelle and El Camino parts. A/C
                                       components, fuel system, suspension, interior trim, fenders,
                                       hoods, rust patch panels, weatherstrip, emblems, exterior
                                       trim, switches, cooling system, wiring harnesses, brakes.

Carolina Machine Engines         Rebuilt Chevrolet engines. Longblocks, short blocks,
                                          cylinder heads and custom built engines.

Cliff's Classic Chevrolet Parts           1955-1957 new, used & reproduction parts. Lenses,
                                                 exhaust, suspension, emblems, upholstery, decals,
                                                 exterior trim, sheet metal, engine parts, electrical,
                                                 weather strip. 

Cool Craft Components             Aluminum radiators, radiator shrouds.

Dave's Vega Village               Vega and Cosworth Vega parts.

D & R Classic Automotive           Camaro and Chevelle  NOS, used and obsolete parts.
                                            Interior trim, exhaust, electrical, fuel system, suspension
                                            body panels, emblems, wiring, glass. 

Danchuk                       1955, 1956 & 1957 Classic Chevy parts. Brakes, fuel system,
                                   upholstery, wheels, engine parts, interior, lights, electrical.

Dan's Classic Auto Parts         Specializing in Chevrolet. Engine parts, lighting, emblems,
                                         glass, convertible top parts, weather strip, sheet metal,
                                         exterior trim, interior parts.

Dick Moffit's Restoration Parts       1928-1972 Chevrolet restoration parts. Interior parts,
                                               rubber, chrome, mouldings, emblems. 937.325.7861 

Dixie Monte Carlo Depot           New, used and reproduction parts for Chevrolet Malibu,
                                         Monte Carlo & El Camino.

Double Nickel Chevy Parts        Specializing in 1955, 1956 & 1957 classic Chevrolet parts.
                                          New, used and refurbished Chevy parts.

Early Chevrolet Parts             New reproduction and used parts for antique Chevrolet's.

East Coast Chevy                 Stock and custom parts for 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy's.

East Coast Restoration            Classic Chevy parts and restoration services. Emblems,
                                          sheet metal, exterior trim, interior components, brakes,
                                          weather stripping.

Eckler's Classic Chevy           1955, 1956, 1957 Chevy parts. Brakes, electrical, wheels,
                                        interior parts, exhaust, engine parts, weatherstrip, sheet
                                        metal, exterior trim, used parts.

El Camino's Plus            El Camino parts 1959 to 1988. Suspension, upholstery, wheels,
                                 steering, body panels.

El Camino Store            Parts for classic Chevrolet ElCamino. Brakes, suspension, exhaust
                                weatherstripping, steering, electrical, fuel system, carpet sets,
Emblemagic           Emblem restoration and reproduction emblems.

Fbody Store               Chevy Camaro interior trim, weatherstrip, door panels, wheels,
                               lenses, lamp assemblies, exterior trim, emblems.

Greg's Classic Car Parts          1955-1957 new & used Chevy parts. Doors, rubber seals,
                                         fenders, hoods, quarter panels, brakes, radiators, chrome.

Ground Up           Chevelle, El Camino, Nova, Camaro restoration parts. Electrical, brakes,
                         emblems, gas tanks, interiors, glass, wheels, sheet metal, decals.

H & H                 Classic Chevrolet parts. Brakes, emblems, exterior trim, glass, lighting,
                         weather strip.

Hampton Coach            Chevrolet interiors 1916-1954. Upholstery kits, carpet sets,
                                 convertible tops, fabric & carpet by the yard.

Harmon's                           Chevrolet restoration parts. Interior trim, brakes, glass,
                                         exterior trim, bumpers, lights, steering, suspension,

Hydro-E-Lectric                America's convertible headquarters. Convertible tops, motors,
                                     relays, top cylinders, header bows, convertible top latches.

I & I Reproduction              1929-1954 Chevrolet reproduction restoration parts. Grill trim
                                      emblems, headlight reflector, hood trim, taillight housing,
                                      hood latch, trunk lid striker.

Ida's Antique Chevrolet Parts            Classic Chevy parts 1937-1948. New old stock,
                                                  quality reproduction and hard to find used parts.

Impala Bob's             Chevrolet restoration parts. Moldings, exterior trim, transmission,
                             body panels, steering columns, decals, glass, rubber parts, bumpers
                             wiring harnesses, electrical, convertible top parts.

Jack Podell Fuel Injection            1957-1965 rebuilt fuel injection units. Restoration
                                             for fuel injection units.

Jims Chevrolet Parts               Parts for classic Chevy's 1955-1970, Bel Air, 210, 150,
                                          Impala, Biscayne.

JR's Chevy Parts             New old stock parts. Hoods, fenders, exterior trim, steering,
                                   emblems, brakes, decals, lighting. 

Kanter Auto Products            Restoration parts & supplies. Engine parts, brakes, exhaust,
                                        suspension, fuel system, carpet, upholstery, convertible

KNS Accessories              Door parts, fender skirts, emblems, tail lights for classic

Lutty's Chevy Warehouse        New and used Chevrolet restoration parts. 1958 - up.
                                          Used sheet metal.

Mark Cornea Reproductions        Restoration decals.

Merv's Classic Chevy Parts         Classic Chevy new and used parts for 1955, 1956 and
                                            1957. Grille assembly, lighting, emblems, moulding,
                                            chrome trim.

MJ Cruisers                   Used parts for 1958-1968 Chevrolet cars. Wiring, sheet metal,
                                  suspension, steering, engine parts, switches, wiper motors.
Obsolete Chevy Parts             Chevrolet parts 1929-1970's. NOS and reproduction parts.
                                         Engine parts, transmission parts, steering, emblems, sheet
                                         metal, interior, lenses, suspension.

Old Car Stuff              Classic Chevrolet restoration parts & supplies. Bumper fillers, body
                               mounts, impact strips, weatherstrip, rubber parts.

Old Chevy Parts Store           New, original and reproduction classic chevy parts. Lenses,
                                        emblems, engine parts, chrome trim, moldings, interior parts

Olson's Gaskets                 Chevrolet engine gaskets, individual gaskets and complete
                                     overhaul sets.

Original Car Radios           !963-1978 factory original radios fully reconditioned. Radio
                                    knobs, mounting plates.  

Original Parts Group            Chevelle, El Camino & Monte Carlo parts. Electrical, emblems,
                                      engine parts, body panels, brakes, interior.

Patrick's Antique Cars          Chevrolet 1937-1962 engine rebuild parts. Pistons, intakes,
                                       bearings, oil pump.

Rick's First Generation Camaro         1967, 1968, 1969 first generation Camaro restoration
                                                 parts. Interior, exterior, wheels, exhaust, electrical,
                                                 brakes, sheet metal, engine parts.

Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts            Vintage Chevrolet parts. Headlamps, hoods, doors
                                                     engine parts, starters, interior parts, seats, tires,

Ron's Classic Car Parts                 1962-1979 Nova and Chevy II parts.

Sayre Enterprise             New old stock and used Chevrolet parts.

Scott's Antique & Classic Parts          Classic Chevy parts. Glass, lighting, gas tanks,
                                                  interior trim, decals, steering, exterior trim, mirrors,

Shafer's Classic Reproductions            Power steering hoses, heater hoses, radiator hoses
                                                    original style hose clamps.

Special Interest Autos             Parts and restoration services for ignition systems. Coils,
                                          ignition distributors, generators, starters, armatures.

Steve's Camaros                Specializing in new, new old stock and used parts for 67-69

Tanks Inc.                  Chevrolet gas tanks 1932-1972. Plate steel gas tanks, alloy
                                coated steel and stainless steel Chevy gas tanks.

The Filling Station             1916-1964 Chevrolet NOS & reproduction parts. Sheet metal,
                                     emblems, glass, weather strip, carpet kits, decals, brakes,
                                     suspension, wiring harnesses, interior trim, lights.

TRI 5 Classics                   1955-1957 Chevy's. Interior parts, rubber parts, floor pans,
                                      exterior trim, sheet metal.

Trim Parts Restoration Parts         Licensed GM Restoration Parts. Carpet sets, emblems,
                                              lenses, exterior trim, interior trim. 

True Connections             Reproduction, NOS and used parts for 1964-1972 Chevelle,
                                    El Camino & Monte Carlo. Brakes, brake upgrade kits, bumpers,
                                    interior parts, steering. 

Vans Auto             Interior trim, mirrors, exterior trim, emblems, fuel tanks, suspension,

Vintage Parts House           Antique auto parts for Chevrolet 1935-1970. Brake wheel
                                     cylinders, ball joints, king pins, water pumps, brake shoes,
                                     pistons, ignition parts, valves. 



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