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Vintage Part Source
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Classic, vintage and antique Cadillac parts.
Series 61, 62,75, LaSalle, Eldorado, Coupe deVille,
Fleetwood, Seville, Allante, Biarritz...
Engine parts, interior, suspension, brakes, steering,
fuel pumps, used parts, body panels, cooling system,
chrome trim, upholstery kits, door seals, emblems, glass...

A complete resource for your antique, vintage and classic Cadillac.
Interior trim, electrical, fenders, engine parts, brakes, radiators, steering,
exhaust, lighting, carburetors, hoods, floor pans, bumpers, chrome trim,
emblems, ignition parts, wiring harness, heating/cooling, decals...



All Cadillacs       Specializing in parts for the 40's and 50's. Interior parts, emblems,
                      brakes, engine parts, used parts, electrical.               

Allante Source              New, used, rebuilt and reproduction Cadillac Allante parts. Fuel
                                system, brakes, radiators, hoods, fenders, electrical, convertible

Arizona Vintage Parts         Used rust free Cadillac parts. Chrome trim, sheet metal, doors
                                     fenders, interior parts, mechanical parts.

Arnold's Classic Rubber             Rubber seals and weatherstripping for 1949-1983.

Auto City Classic               Reproduction Cadillac gas tanks, 1950-1956 & 1959-1962.

Autobody Fillers USA     Plastic body fillers and extensions between body and bumpers.

Caddydriver                 NOS, new and used Cadillac parts covering the late 50's thru the
                                 early 80's. Sheetmetal, lenses, bumpers, shock absorbers, water
                                 pumps, electrical, suspension, rubber parts, chrome trim.

Caddy Daddy     Cadillac parts from 1949 to 1978. Carburetors, brakes, air conditioning,
                      antennas, accessories.

Cadillac Heaven           Rust free used Cadillac parts, 1960 to present. Over 500 Cadillacs
                               available for parts.

Caddy Parts         New, used and rebuilt parts for Cadillac 1926-1970. Body panels, glass,
                         weather stripping, electrical, wiring, exterior trim, carburetors, exhaust
                         gas tanks, carpet, convertible tops.

Caddy Ville             Used Cadillac parts, hubcaps, lenses, mirrors, interior trim, scripts.

Cadillac International       New, used & rebuilt Cadillac parts. Doors, fenders, bumpers,
                                  door handles, lights, suspension, brakes, water pumps, exhaust,
                                  brake boosters, carpeting.

Cadillac King      Used & refurbished Cadillac parts 1950's and up. Over 20 acres of

Cadillac Only          New, rebuilt and used Cadillac parts. Tune up parts, seat belts,
                           floor mats, sheet metal, glass, lights, exterior trim, emblems.

Cadillac Parts Ltd.       We specialize in New Old Stock Cadillac parts. Weatherstripping,
                               door sill plates, suspension, water pump repair kits, carpet sets,
                               power steering repair kits.

Cadillac Tim                 1961-1992 Cadillac power antennas repaired and rebuilt.

California Sheetmetal              1951-1965 used sheet metal. Body panels, fenders, hoods

Classic 2 Current             Reproduction floor pans, rocker panels, quarter panels, trunk

Classic Caddies            1959-1969 Cadillac upholstery. Carpet sets, side panels, trunk
                                kits. Steering wheels refinished.

Classic Cadillac Parts           Used engines, transmissions, bumpers, chrome trim, interior
                                      parts, doors, body panels for 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs.

Classic Car Auto Parts        Gas tanks, interior parts, sill plates, lights, tail light lens.

Classic NOS Parts             Cadillac new old stock parts, 1920 - 1980. Switches, chrome
                                    trim, lenses, engine parts, emblems.

Coker Tire              Cadillac wire wheels with stainless steel spokes.

Comeskey Classic Cars            Cadillac and LaSalle used parts, series 50, 60, 75, 90.

Convertible Service            Convertible top parts for Cadillac's from 1946 to present. Top
                                     latches, header bows, folding frame components, hydraulic
                                     pumps, top motors.

Cooper's Vintage Cadillac Parts      Specializing in new parts for your vintage Cadillac.
                                              1936 - 1964. Brakes, engine parts, steering, decals,
                                              body trim, electrical, drivetrain, transmission parts,
                                              cooling & heating, convertible top parts.

Dan's Classic Auto Parts         Vintage Cadillac body panels, decals, electrical parts, glass
                                         interior, emblems, rubber parts, engine parts.

David Sabonjian NOS Cadillac Parts               New old stock Cadillac parts, lenses, bezels
                                                            emblems, bumper bars.

Dbaer's Cadillac Ville             Used Cadillac parts. Coupe de Ville, Sedan de Ville, Eldorado
                                       Fleetwood, Series 62, Convertibles 1949-1985.

Dennis Akerman      Vintage Cadillac Parts. Thousands of new and used parts from the
                           1930's to 1960's. Mechanical, electrical, sheet metal chrome & trim.
                           Literature and shop manuals.

Desert Cadillac                 New, used and rebuilt Cadillac parts. Door panels, bumpers,
                                    fenders, doors, sheet metal, mechanical parts.

Dick Shappy Classic Cars            Specializing in Cadillac V16 1930-1933. Thousands of
                                            parts in stock. Lights, emblems, mechanical parts.

Emblemagic            Emblem restoration and reproduction emblems.

Fen Enterprises        Cadillac restoration and parts. Electrical, engine parts, weatherstrip,
                            rubber parts, body panels, steering.

Frank Nicodemus Cadillac            Antique and vintage Cadillac parts.

Fusick Automotive Products        1935-1976 Cadillac parts. Rubber parts, exterior trim,
                                             interior lamps and lenses, radiator hoses, switches,
                                             power steering pump, hydraulic system parts.

GM Obsolete        Quality used, reproduction and hard to find Cadillac parts. Interior,
                        bumpers, suspension, brakes, electrical, convertible parts, emblems,
                        driveline and fuel system.

Heritage Woodworks           Automobile wood refinishing.

Honest John's Caddy Corner             New, used and rebuilt parts for 1941 to present.

Hydro-E-Lectric       America's Convertible Headquarters. Convertible tops, motors,
                            relays, top cylinders, header bows, convertible top latches.

Kanter Auto Products      Restore your Cadillac, brakes, fuel pumps, cooling systems,
                                  engine parts, exhaust, suspension.

Kern Motor Company              1941-1992 Cadillac parts, new old stock, used, rebuilt
                                         and reproduction.

Larry Lawrence Enterprises             Used Cadillac parts 1938-1985. Rust free sheetmetal
                                                 trim, mechanical parts, electrical parts.

M & T Manufacturing           Convertible tops, hydraulic parts and weatherstripping. 1942
                                      to 1986 Eldorado, Series 62, Coupe DeVille.

McVey's                Cadillac and LaSalle parts 1936-early 70's. Wheel covers, lenses,
                           emblems, mechanical parts, fender spears, mirrors, doorsill plates,
                           exhaust systems, service parts.

Motorspot                    Cadillac wire wheels. Cadillac wire wheel restoration.

Northfield Forming              Trim for tire covers, runningboards, trunk racks, trunks and
                                      gas tank covers for pre war models. 330.854.6003

North Yale Auto Parts           New, used and reproduction Cadillac parts. Weather strip,
                                       door seal, trunk seal, glass seals, tail lamps.

Old Car Stuff            Antique auto restoration parts & supplies. Weatherstrip, rubber
                             parts, bumper fillers, impact strips, body mounts.

Olson's Gaskets                 Cadillac engine gaskets, individual gaskets and complete
                                      overhaul sets.

Original Auto Interiors           NOS Cadillac seat cloth, vinyl yardage, 1950's-1990's.
                                       Carpet sets, vinyl tops, headliners.

Original Car Radios           Fully reconditioned 1963-1978 factory original radios. Radio

Original Parts Group         Cadillac parts 1955-1976. Electrical, brakes, decals, emblems,
                                   convertible tops, interior parts, body panels, engine parts,

Sayre Enterprise         Used and NOS Cadillac parts.

Steve Cooley            1941-1947 parts, new and used.

Rally America            1953-1956 restored original Cadillac wire wheel.

Replica Plastics          Quarter panel extensions.

Texan Wire Wheel                Vintage 30 spoke wire wheels for Eldorado and Seville.

Topsonline              Cadillac sun visors 1948-1976. Series 62, Eldorado, Fleetwood,
                            Deville and convertibles.

USA Parts Supply         Vintage Cadillac parts 1949-1985. Interior trim, engine parts,
                                exterior trim, brakes, exterior trim, radiators, electrical, exhaust,
                                wiring harness, heating & A/C.

Vintage Parts House           Cadillac parts from 1935-1970. Brake shoes, ball joints, fuel
                                     pumps, wheel cylinders, engine parts.

Wheel Vintiques         Cadillac wire wheels.

Wilwood                  Disk brake bolt-on conversion kits for 1941-1955 Cadillacs.

YNZ Yesterdays Parts        Cadillac wiring harnesses. Duplicates of original. 1930-1960
                                     wiring harness.



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